The Chester Carlson Story

The photocopying process (Known as xerography) was invented by Chester Carlson, the founder of Xerox, in 1938. When Chester Carlson died in 1968, his net worth was estimated by Forbes magazine at over $100,000,000, an amazing fortune at the time. The reality was that he had very little money. He had shared it all with charity and remains one of the 20th century’s greatest philanthropists.

These twin principles of innovation and supporting our community inform FX Business Technologies’ approach to business. When you partner with us, you get industry-leading innovation and help us to support local charities such as the FNQ Hospital Foundation, Bush Kids, Derby Girls, Freshwater Pony Club, Cairns Heat, Cairns Men’s Shed, the Taipans, and many more. And what’s best is that it doesn’t cost any more!